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Engraving Options

Engraving your gift will give it a personal touch and make it an unforgettable keepsake, for celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding, or simply to say thank you to a friend. Engraving is a fun way to say it a little bit more and add a personal touch to your gift, so have fun, express yourself and give an unforgettable gift!

When ordering an engraved gift from REGENT gifts you will typically be asked to select the following three options on the product details page.


Font Style? - Select the engraving font style

On our computer controlled engraving machine we engrave over 100 font styles. If there is a particular font that you would like us to use please let us know.

Below are the fonts that the majority of customers select. The images below will give you an idea what these fonts look like.

Monotype Corsiva - Stylish Gothic

Monotype Corsiva - Stylish Gothic Engraving Font

Edwardian Script - Luxury Italicised

Edwardian Script - luxury italicised engraving font

French Script - Popular Script

French Script - Popular Script

Gulim - Modern and clean

Gulim - Modern and Clean Engraving font

Calibri - Popular Modern Font

Calibri - popular modern engraving font

Arial - Classic Modern Font

Arial - Classic Modern Fontengraving font

Times New Roman - Classic

Times New Roman - Classic Engraving font

Vivaldi - Traditional Italicised

Vivaldi - tranditional italicised engraving font


Text Lines- Enter the text you would like to see engraved

Please type the text exactly as you would like to see it engraved on the item with any capital letters and punctuation marks. Our software will let you know if you have 20 characters, excluding spaces.

Important - please double check the text that you type for accuracy as we will engrave exactly what you write in this box.

The amount of text you can engrave will vary by product. This is because:

  • Smaller products have less space, e.g. a money clip or a desk pad with a small engraving panel have space for only one line of text
  • Larger products have more space, e.g. business card holders and hip flasks have space to engrave three lines of text
  • Some products are unique by design. For example our engraved silver plated birthday photo frame has four panels to engrave the baby's name, weight, date and time of birth
  • Some products can have multiple options. For example our engraved 1 pint glass bottom pewter tankard has space for a mirror engraving on the bottom of the tankard as well as lines of text on the side of the tankard



Frequently Asked Questions:

Which products can be engraved?

All the products on our website that can be engraved have multiple choice option boxes labelled as "Engraving It?". Please see the image above for an example of the options on a product details page.

How long will my engraving ordering take to arrive?

Engraving orders placed by 3pm will be engraved and shipped the same day. Orders placed after 3pm will be shipped the next day. You should then allow normal delivery times for your engraved item to arrive through the post. Please see Delivery Times and Charges for more information on shipping durations.

What are the delivery options?

Engraving orders placed by 3pm will be engraved and shipped the same day. Orders placed after 3pm will be shipped the next day.

Can I return engraved items?

Engraved items cannot be returned unless the product is faulty. Please see our Returns and Refunds section for more details.

Can I have more than one engraved item in my order?

Yes, each product that can be engraved has its own set of options on the product details page. You can add to your shopping cart, as many different products and engraving options as you would like.

Can I have an engraved item and a non-engraved item in the same order?

Yes, because we engraved products the same day, they will be shipped to you at the same time as non-engraved products in the same order.

What if the engraved message on my item is incorrect?

The message that you type during the checkout process is the exact message that will be engraved, so please ensure that what you have typed is correctly and it does not contain any errors. Please see our Returns and Refunds section for instructions if an error has been made.

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