Our skilled artists are able to engrave by hand a range of different font styles as well as pictures in two and three dimensions.

We have engraved on a wide range of different glass items including: paperweights, goblets, shot glasses, pint glasses, wine glasses and champagne glasses. Below is a snapshot of some of recent work.

Glass Engraving in two dimensions (2D)

Text engraving by hand allows our artists to be very creative and combine traditional and modern styles on any sized item. On transparent items like glass paperweights and crystal glasses it is popular to have the engraved areas filled with gold or silver paint as this really makes he engraving stand out.

Hand glass engraving of text on a glass clock paperweight Hand glass engraving of Evita musical on a glass Hand glass engraving a 2D picture of a butterfly in a glass paperweight Hand glass engraving a 2D pattern filled with gold paint on a glass paperweight

A glass clock paperweight hand engraved with text for a Diamond wedding anniversary. The engraved text have been filled with gold paint.

A standard sized pint glass which has been hand engraved with the logo and text of the Evita musical.

This square glass paperweight has been engraved with a two dimensional picture of a butterfly.

Oval glass paperweight engraved with a fancy pattern and then filled with gold paint to make it stand out.


Glass engraving in three dimensions (3D)

3D engravings are where the engraving is built up from engraving in the same place more than once. This gives the picture depth.

Hand glass engraving a 3D picture of a horse on a glass tumbler Hand glass engraving a 2D picture of flowers on glasses Hand glass engraving a 3D picture of a face on a glass paperweight

This glass tumbler has a hand engraved horse and it is very easy to see the varying depth of the engraving.

This set of glasses have been hand engraved with three dimensional leaves around the whole glass.

This rectangular glass paperweight has been hand engraved with the picture of a face.

Why use REGENT gifts engraving service?


Experienced Staff

Since 2002 we have been engraving text and pictures by hand and by machine. We provide customers with advice on what to engrave, where and on what item to make sure the end result looks great.


Fast Turaround

Engravings are normally completed within 1-2 days, however, simple engravings can be completed while you wait. Complex items and large quantities take longer.


Popular Font Styles

We can engrave a very large range of attractive font styles. If there is a particular font you would like use to use please let us know. Otherwise check out our popular font styles


Preview Your Engraving

Check our tool that shows you what your text will look like when it has been engraved with different font styles. Choose between popular font styles and a few different products that we engrave on

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