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Friendship balls are known by many other names including fairy balls, witch balls, spiritual balls, ornamental balls and kugel balls.

Originally made at the end of A shift from left over glass, friendship balls are given to friends and family as a token of friendship and good luck.

They make an excellent gift or present and each ball comes with a description of the history of friendship balls so you can get them delivered directly to the door of your friend or family member.

Blown glass friendship ball hanging outside Blown glass heart hanging outside Blown glass friendship ball hanging outside

They can be be hung inside a window to stream coloured light into the room or hung outside in trees to add more colour to a garden.

Each glass ball is hand made and blown my mouth making each piece unique and slightly different to what you will see in the product pictures.

Please select the size and then the colour that you would like as not all colours are available in all sizes.

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