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PiP Studio Porcelain Tableware

PiP Studio Porcelain Homeware from the Shabby Chic range

PiP Studio is a brand created by Dutch interior designer Anke Van der Endt - PiP.

PiP was born in a small village by the sea as the youngest child of the family with three older brothers and a Love bird called Tjommy. PIP’s real name is Catharina, PIP was the first word that she ever spoke and her brothers just started calling her that and now everyone knows her by her nickname.

After PIP graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, she bought a dilapidated old Victorian house on the outskirts of town. PIP created a studio in the attic of her house and dubbed it the PIP Studio.

PIP designs products she would like to buy if she could find them, which is usually not the case. Her vision on her designs is actually quite simple, practical and sincere: “If I make a product, it has to be so good that I would like to keep it myself or if I give it to a friend or member of the family it must bring a little bit of joy and happiness. Without this emotion, it cannot be a true PIP product”. All PIP’s products must meet her motto: ‘Happy products for Happy People’.

Each piece is hand-crafted with exquisite detail and designed to be mixed and matched with different images in the range. You may well have seen the popular Shabby Chic design adorn the tables of a restaurant and a fine cafe, tea or pastry house. Many of the gift sets we stock come presented in a red patterned gift box in the PiP Studio printed embroidery design. Not suitable for microwave or dishwasher use, we recommended these beautiful pieces are hand washed only. 

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PiP Studio Porcelain

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