Kimmidolls are special because each Kimmidoll has her own meaning. It is important to find the doll with a meaning that connects the most with you, or the person you are giving a gift to. Below is a list of all our Kimmidolls. You can click on their pictures to go to their product page.

2018 Collection - Now in Stock!

Kimmidoll Kiyomi Pure Beauty

Kiyomi 'Pure Beauty'

My spirit is natural and original

By celebrating the unique, natural beauty we each possess, you honour my spirit. Nurture, and take pride, in the purity and originality of your beauty, so the world may be enriched by many kinds of beauty.

Kimmidoll Sumi Compassionate

Sumi 'Compassionate'

My spirit is humble and understanding.

Your compassionate heart knows the truth of my spirit: that empathy comes from humility. And humility comes from the deep understanding that each of us is perfectly imperfect.

Kimmidoll Mana Lovely

Mana 'Lovely'

My spirit is endearing and enchanting.

With your sweet temperament and adorable ways you share my lovely spirit. Everywhere you go and in everything you do may the world always see all that is enchanting and beautiful in you.

Kimmidoll Akemi Bright & Beautiful

Akemi 'Bright & Beautiful'

My spirit shines and adorns. Live my spirit.

Let the beauty of your personality shine, to brighten and adorn the world. Celebrate your unique spirit and share its light and beauty with all.

Kimmidoll Kana Cheerful

Kana 'Cheerful'

My spirit is light and carefree.

Your light-hearted and optimistic view of life reveals my spirit. Everywhere you go your carefree nature and ready smile brightens the lives and lightens the spirits of all those you meet.

Kimmidoll Chichiro Caring

Chichiro 'Caring'

My spirit is thoughtful and understanding.

You show my caring spirit in your thoughtfulness and your desire to understand. By always seeking to consider and connect, you let others know that you care.

Kimmidoll Hanae Generosity

Hanae 'Generosity'

My spirit gives and serves.

Your willingness to reach out with a helping hand and to use your gifts to serve the world, shows you share my generous spirit.

Kimmidoll Shika Gentleness

Shika 'Gentleness '

My spirit gives and cares.

By guiding with a light hand and helping with an open heart, you share my spirit. Nurture my caring and giving nature, and you will bless the lives you touch.

Kimmidoll Yoshiko Good Luck

Yoshiko 'Good Luck'

My spirit is generous and grateful.

Your generosity in sharing your own good fortune with others reveals the true meaning of my spirit. May your appreciative nature and your love of giving bring you joy and fulfilment.

Kimmidoll Tomoka True Friend

Tomoka 'True Friend'

My spirit is loyal and honest.

You show my spirit through your loyalty and honesty. By being a truthful and faithful ally, through all the joys and challenges of life, you embody the true meaning of friend.

Kimmidoll Tikara Treasure

Tikara 'Treasure'

My spirit cherishes and enriches.

Go on a treasure hunt. Discover all the precious things that bring joy, richness and beauty to your life. Embrace my spirit by enjoying and cherishing all the treasures you find.

Kimmidoll Emi Smile

Emi 'Smile'

My spirit connects and cheers.

You release the beauty of my spirit by sharing your smile with others. Discover the power of my spirit to cheer, connect and comfort.

2017 10th Anniversary Collection

Kimmidoll Ako Charming

Ai 'Charming'

My spirit is outgoing and loveable

Your amiable and friendly nature allows my spirit to shine. May your engaging manner and captivating charm bring true love and lasting friendships your way.

Kimmidoll Ayumi Adventurous

Ayumi 'Aventurous'

My spirit explores and dares

By bringing to each day my daring spirit, may you find the courage to explore new possibilities, reaching higher and further to truly live the adventure of life.

2016 Collection

Kimmidoll Aina Tenderness

Aina 'Tenderness'

My spirit is warm and loving.

With your gentle hand and tender heart, you reveal the true kindness of my spirit. May the love and care you generously share, be a gift cherished by all blessed to receive it.

Kimmidoll Akira Bright Beauty

Akira 'Bright Beauty'

My spirit is radiant and beautiful.

With your bright smile and happy nature, you share my beautiful spirit with all you meet. May your life be always blessed with the precious gifts of friendship and happiness.

Kimmidoll Hikari Energetic

Hikari 'Energetic'

My spirit is lively and fun.

With your boundless energy and joyful enthusiasm you share my irrepressible spirit. In your wholehearted way, may you enjoy every day and bring a little fun to whatever task must be done.

Kimmidoll Hotaru Passion

Hotaru 'Passion'

My spirit has purpose and potential.

By following your dreams with enthusiasm and devotion, you live the power of my spirit. May your passion bring the success you seek and give a sense of purpose to each day.

Kimmidoll Mitsuko Optimism

Mitsuko 'Optimism'

My spirit hopes and dreams.

By always looking at the bright side of life and believing in a positive future, you embrace my cheerful spirit. May you always look forward with confidence to a life of dreams come true and all the happiness it brings to you.

Kimmidoll Natsuko Blessed

Natsuko 'Blessed'

My spirit is favoured and fortunate.

Your ability to attract opportunity and prosperity shows you possess the generous gifts of my spirit. May life always share its blessings with you, to bring good fortune, happiness and health each day.

Kimmidoll Rena Faithful

Rena Faithful

My spirit is steadfast and true.

In everything you do and say, you live the truth of my spirit each and every day. May your loyal heart forever watch over those you love even when you are far apart.

Kimmidoll Satoe Alluring

Satoe Alluring

My spirit attracts and enchants.

Your natural magnetism and engaging charm, reveal the irresistible power of my spirit. May your enchanting ways bring to your life all that is good, true and right for you.

Kimmidoll Sumiyo Empathy

Sumiyo Empathy

My spirit is compassionate and understanding.

With your kind heart and caring soul, you share the healing power of my spirit. May the warmth of your sincerity be a sanctuary bringing strength and comfort to those who seek it.

Kimmidoll Takara Fortunate

Takara Fortunate

My spirit seeks and creates.

With your creativity and sense of discovery, you know the secret of my lucky spirit. In all that you do, may you always have the courage to try something new, so the blessings of fortune may find you.

Kimmidoll Tamako Exquisite

Tamako Exquisite

My spirit is admired and adored.

Your intrinsic beauty and pure perfection are the truest expression of my lovely spirit. May your exquisite soul shine brightly in the world so all may enjoy its beautiful light.

Kimmidoll Yuzuki Patience

Yuzuki Patience

My spirit is resolute and calm.

By holding tightly to your dreams with quiet tenacity, you show the strength of my spirit. May the gifts of patience be your reward, with all the blessings your dreams afford.

Earlier Years Collection

Kimmidoll Ai Femininity

Ai 'Femininity'

My spirit is unique and diverse.

By embracing the woman you are, you celebrate my spirit. When you express your femininity in your own unique way you reveal my diversity. You help to make the world a richer place by simply being you.

Kimmidoll Akiko

Akiko 'Enlightenment'

My spirit is wise and knowledgeable.

In everything you do and say, you show that you share my enlightened spirit. You value every experience as a source of knowledge and a way to wisdom. May the wisdom you gain through knowledge tested, always light your way.

Kimmidoll Akiyo Enlightenment

Akiyo 'Enlightenment'

My spirit is present and purposeful.

Through quiet contemplation and honest observation my spirit reveals itself. In your moments of personal reflection may you truly know who you are, and may you embrace your uniquely special place and purpose in life in every way each day.

Kimmidoll Benika Gorgeous Friend

Benika 'Gorgeous Friend'

My spirit is sweet and true.

With your lovely nature and true heart, you share my beautiful spirit, bringing joy and happiness to the lives you touch. May the gift of your friendship be a blessing cherished forever.

Kimmidoll Ako

Ako 'Charming'

My spirit is outgoing and loveable.

Your amiable and friendly nature allows my spirit to shine. May your engaging manner and captivating charm bring true love and lasting friendships your way.

Kimmidoll Ana Love

Ana 'Love'

My spirit is generous and kind.

With your big heart and gentle way, you show the world the generosity of my loving spirit. May every heart you touch remember the blessing of your kindness and grow stronger from the gift of your love.

Kimmidoll Ayana Colourful

Ayana 'Colourful'

My spirit is rich and deep.

By exploring and embracing the richness and diversity of life you discover the depth of my spirit. May your love of discovering new places, people and different ways of life, enrich and bring colour and dimension to every step of your journey.

Kimmidoll Ayumi

Ayumi 'Adventurous'

My spirit explores and dares.

By bringing to each day my daring spirit, may you find the courage to explore new possibilities, reaching higher and further to truly live the adventure of life.

Kimmidoll Chiaku

Chiaku 'Laughter'

My spirit heals and heartens.

By keeping my spirit in your heart, you feel its true power. Let life show you its silly side. Giggle, chuckle, and laugh from deep down inside your belly, so laughter may lighten your mind, heal your heart and make your spirit dance.

Kimmidoll Chiyoko Youthful Spirit

Chiyoko 'Youthful Spirit'

My spirit is full of energy and fun.

With your boundless enthusiasm and playful sense of fun, you know the secret that keeps my spirit young. No matter how many years come and go, may your youthful spirit always show.

Kimmidoll Chiyomi

Chiyomi 'Delightful'

My spirit brings joy and happiness.

Everywhere you go you share the gifts of my cheerful spirit, your delightfully bubbly way always brightening spirits and lightening hearts. May you bless the world with your joyful energy and bring happiness and delight to each day.

Kimmidoll Emina

Emina 'Playful'

My spirit is full of mischief and delight.

With your cheeky charm and love of fun you share my playful spirit. Full of life and laughter, you bring out the mischief and fun in everyone. May your joyful play and delightful way show the world a happier way to live each day.

Kimmidoll Fumi Grace

Fumi 'Grace'

My spirit is sincere and dignified.

In every circumstance, the nobility of my spirit shines through your diligent courtesy and modest dignity. May your sincerity and quiet humility be an inspiration for all to see what it means to live graciously.

Kimmidoll Hana

Hana 'Blossom'

My spirit holds the promise of abundance.

You live my spirit by daring to reveal to the world the full abundance of your gifts. Nurture and take pride in what you have to offer, so your gifts may fulfil their true purpose.

Kimmidoll Hasumi Graceful

Hasumi 'Graceful'

My spirit is poised and dignified.

By approaching life with dignity and poise you reveal my spirit. May your graceful ways bring a sense of calm serenity to even the most challenging circumstances.

Kimmidoll Hideka Wisdom

Hideka 'Wisdom'

My spirit guides and informs.

By honouring the truth of your heart and the reason of your mind, you will be guided by my spirit. May you hear my voice strong and true in everything you do.

Kimmidoll Kaona Friend

Kaona 'Friend'

My spirit celebrates and commiserates.

In good times you show my spirit by celebrating the lives and accomplishments of others. In difficult times your comfort and support reveals the spirit of a friend.

Kimmidoll Kazuna True Friend

Kazuna 'True Friend'

My spirit honours and cherishes.

You show my spirit by honouring and embracing others just as they are. By cherishing the uniqueness you find in each and every person you meet, you bring a sense of freedom to their lives.

Kimmidoll Koko Devotion

Koko 'Devotion'

My spirit is passionate and unwavering.

The enthusiasm and dedication you show in the pursuit of your goals and ideals, allows my spirit to grow. In the face of challenge and setback may you find strength and resilience in your devotion.

Kimmidoll Kome Enriching

Kome 'Enriching'

My spirit has purpose and value.

By focussing on the things that are truly important to you, you receive the rich blessings of my spirit. May you always have a sense of purpose and may whatever you pursue hold meaning and value for you.

Kimmidoll Masae Loyalty

Masae 'Loyalty'

My spirit is devoted and true.

Your unwavering constancy through everything life brings shows you have the faithful spirit of a friend. May your loyalty be a sanctuary; a source of strength and security to those who love you.

Kimmidoll Mebae Fertility

Mebae 'Fertility'

My spirit is imaginative and creative.

You release the abundance of my spirit by nurturing the seeds of your imagination, for they are the kernels of creation. May your imagination be your creative inspiration, so you may share with the world the infinite abundance of your mind.

Kimmidoll Mie Prosperous

Mie 'Prosperous'

My spirit is authentic and true.

By valuing and pursuing the things that matter most to you, you show the wisdom of my spirit. May you enjoy the rich blessings that come from living a life that is truly meaningful to you.

Kimmidoll Minako Beautiful Child

Minako 'Beautiful Child'

My spirit is youthful and joyful.

The beauty of my spirit is expressed through your youthful exuberance. Your joyful innocence lightens the hearts of those you meet, and celebrates the beautiful spirit of a child.

Kimmidoll Miuchi Friends

Miuchi 'Friends'

My spirit is loyal and generous.

You show my spirit by staying loyal and true to those who love you. By always sharing your time, energy and love, you show the generous spirit of a friend.

Kimmidoll Mizuki Precious

Mizuki 'Precious'

My spirit values and brings prosperity.

By valuing and cherishing all that is precious in your life, you honour my spirit. May the power of my spirit bring prosperity to all areas of your life.

Kimmidoll Momo Peace

Momo 'Peace'

My spirit is still and serene.

When you turn within yourself to find a quiet place, my spirit will give you strength no matter what you must face. May you know that no matter how things go, within you there will always be a sanctuary of stillness and serenity.

Kimmidoll Good Fortune

Namie 'Good Fortune'

My spirit is resilient and resourceful.

By seeking chances in all circumstances, you discover the secret of my powerful spirit. Whether life is harsh or kind, may fortune always leave behind some hidden treasures for you to find.

Kimmidoll Naomi Honest Beauty

Naomi 'Honest Beauty'

My spirit is proud and defiant.

By truly loving who you are, and embracing every flaw and imperfection as part of the signature of your life, your beauty embodies my honest spirit. May you always be proud of who you are, and stay strong and true to the real you.

Kimmidoll Renko Romance

Renko 'Romance'

My spirit is the messenger of love.

By cherishing the blessing of love every day, you live the true spirit of romance. May you always find time to share special moments and to celebrate the precious gift of love.

Kimmidoll Riko Good Health

Riko 'Good Health'

My spirit brings happiness and prosperity.

By nurturing and nourishing your mind, body and soul, my spirit shines through. Everyday and in every way you honour yourself by always doing what is best for your health. May you always enjoy the blessings of happiness and prosperity that good health brings.

Kimmidoll Sachie Charm

Sachie 'Charm'

My spirit captivates and delights.

With your happy nature and friendly way, you share with the world the delightful gifts of my spirit. Wherever you go, may you capture hearts, bringing joy and friendship to the lives of those you meet along the way.

Kimmidoll Sae Brilliance

Sae 'Brilliance'

My spirit dazzles and shines.

Your bright spirit brings light and beauty to the world. Wherever you go and whatever you do you dazzle; your brilliant soul admired and loved by all. May your life be a shining star for all to see, to inspire and guide the way.

Kimmidoll Saika Colourful Flower

Saika 'Colourful Flower'

My spirit flourishes and energises.

By sharing your vibrant nature, you release my spirit. Let all the beautiful colours of your soul flourish, so you may bring energy and passion to the world.

Kimmidoll Shigeko Exuberant

Shigeko 'Exuberant'

My spirit is joyful and playful.

Those who look for the fun in any situation, know the secret of my cheerful spirit. May you always find time to play, so your life today and every day can be a joyful place to stay.

Kimmidoll Sumina Compassion

Sumina 'Compassion'

My spirit is kind and understanding.

Through the care you show, even to those you do not know, you share my compassionate spirit. May your gentle embrace always be a place to find comfort, kindness and peace of mind.

Kimmidoll Tomoka True Friend

Tomoka 'True Friend'

My spirit is loyal and honest.

You show my spirit through your loyalty and honesty. By being a truthful and faithful ally, through all the joys and challenges of life, you embody the true meaning of friend.

Kimmidoll Tsukie Confidence

Tsukie 'Confidence'

My spirit believes and dares.

By trusting yourself and taking the chances life brings, you receive the blessings of my spirit. May you always dare to have a go, believing you can achieve, learn and grow, whatever direction your life may go.

Kimmidoll Tsukina Fearless

Tsukina 'Fearless'

My spirit is bold and daring.

Your dauntless courage in every endeavour shows your fearless spirit. May you live life boldly, daring to pursue what matters most to you, and may you be rewarded as all your dreams come true.

Kimmidoll Yasuko Wellness

Yasuko 'Wellness'

My spirit is resilient and strong.

The power of my spirit is released through thought and action. In everything you do and think may you nurture a resilient spirit, a strong body and a happy mind. For this is the way to wellbeing.

Kimmidoll Yoka Energetic

Yoka 'Energetic'

My spirit is dynamic and enthusiastic.

Your ability to energise others, to inspire action and to bring enthusiasm to whatever you set out to do, reveals the power of my spirit. May the energy you bring to every endeavour, be an inspiration to the world, now and forever.

Kimmidoll Yoshi Good Luck

Yoshi 'Good Luck'

My spirit brings opportunity and prosperity.

You release my spirit by taking the chances life offers. Discover the blessings and opportunities in every circumstance, and you will find the key to prosperity.