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Venetian masks for parties and masquerade balls

Venetian Masquerade Ball Masks

The Colombina (also known as Columbine and Columbino) is a half face mask decorated with gold, silver, crystals and feathers. Our collection includes luxury baroque and macrame designs as well as simpler Colombina masks decorated with glitter, gold leaf and braiding around the outside.

Eye masks are often called Colombina after a female character in the Italian opera Pagliacci in which she wears an eye mask that covers half her face. The Colombina was popularised by an actress in the Commedia dell'Arte. It is said to have been designed for the actress because she did not want to have her face covered completely. The result was an ornate and flirtatious mask!

Today Colombina masks come in many designs and are worn by men and womenColombina is ornate and versatile, and can be held in place with ribbons or attached to a specially designed mask stick.


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