Rosina Wachtmeister 

The artist Rosina Wachtmeister simply adores animals, particularly the many cats of Capena - her romantic residence.  The most important and beautiful things in my life are my dreams. "Sometimes my dreams merge with reality and sometimes reality merges with my dreams" says Rosina Wachtmeister about herself.  Whoever involves himself with her drawings, paintings and sculptures, dives into this world between dreams and reality.  Grown up near the Attersee in Austria, Rosina Wachtmeister moved to Brazil with her family at the age of 14, where she attended art school and studied sculpture and set designs.  Her first big love, a child and her own artistic way lead the young artist to Italy in 1967, where, particularly due to her charming interpretations of cats, she became well-known and received recognition.  She eventually settled in Capena, north of Rome, in what used to be the "San Michele Archangelo" church, where she still has her home today.  The small medieval town of Capena serves the artist as an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Here she finds the warmth and illumination she needs to create.  To see more from this artist, check-out her website at