Full Face Masks

Full face Venetian masks for masquerade balls and wall decoration

Full Face Venetian Masquerade Masks

We have a stunning range of full face Venetian masquerade masks all hand made from papier mache in Venice. The range includes, but is not limited to, the regal Bauta, Gatto, Volto, and Comedy and Tragedy masks.  

Full face masks were traditionally used to conceal the wearer's identity. The overall majority of these masks come adorned with an ornate variety of jewels and fabrics, trimmed with silver or gold leaf and brightly painted.  These masks are guaranteed to look stunning after the event on the wall as a decoration and a real feature that will add character and charm to the decor.

Full face masks are fun to wear but to ensure that they are a comfortable fit, please come along to our shop in Covent Garden. We will be happy to assist and let you try on a variety of designs and colours!