Luxury Filigree Masks

Luxury Filigree Venetian masks for parties and masquerade balls

Luxury Filigree Venetian Masquerade Masks

Oozing luxury yet allowing for flexibility of movement is our exquisite filigree collection made of thin sheets of metal cut as delicate see-through lace. 

Filigree are luxurious colombina Venetian masquerade masks which cover half of the wearer's face. Other masks in the Luxury range include Baroque, Macrame and Velvet designs beautifully decorated with jewels and braiding. And let's not forget our very chic music masks made with inserts from real sheets of music!

The colours in the Luxury range are predominantly gold, silver, black, white, red and the combination thereof. These masks are elegant and sophisticated, and their price reflects their quality and traditional techniques.

All our masks are handmade in Venice and each comes with a certificate of authenticity. We strongly recommend trying on your mask before buying to ensure the most comfortable fit. So please stop by our shop in Covent Garden and we will be happy to assist you!