Feathered Masks

Feathered Venetian masks for parties and masquerade balls


Feathered Venetian Masquerade Ball Masks

Opulent and luxurious, our feathered Venetian masks are perfect for masquerade balls, mask parties and proms or simply for hanging on the wall as decoration.

Several of the designs in the range have been inspired by Stanley Kubrick's film Eyes Wide Shut.

Full or half face feathered Venetian masks are often decorated with macrame and encrusted with crystals. A combination of ostrich and peacock feathers are used to make the masks and these have been dyed or tinted to complement the colour of the painted eye mask.

Feathered Venetian masks are held in place with silk ribbons. Mask size and patterns will vary slightly as each mask is handmade in Venice. So do pop into our shop in Covent Garden to try it on before buying!



Feathered Venetian Masks by Colour

Black Blue Green Red Pink Purple Gold Silver White