Jester & Jolly Masks

Our range of Jester Venetian Masquerade masks come in a range of different colours and designs. The words jester, jolly and joker are used interchangeably to name the masks.

First mentioned in ancien Roman times, the Jester is most closely associated with the Middle Ages when the Jester’s aim was to entertain and point out the weaknesses of other characters. The Jester therefore often played the role of a satirist. 

Jester masks can have up to five points on the top of the mask and each point has its own bell and a fake pearl that jingles when the mask is shaken or moved. The Royal designs also have points on the bottom of the mask coming from the chin.

The points are made from papier mache or velvet and reinforced with metal wire running along the edges. It is this metal wire that enables the points to be curled up into shapes or straightened out.

The mask is fun to wear and, once worn, it will become a great decoration to hang on the wall and a real talking point at parties!