Masks On Sticks

Attach a gold or silver stick to any mask in our range

venetian masquerade mask on a stick

Masks on sticks are perfect for people who wear glasses, or if you prefer to hold a mask rather than tie silk ribbons around your head. 

Choose between our gold and silver painted sticks designed specifically for masks and handmade in Venice. Each stick is wrapped in braiding and has a matching tassel at the bottom.

If you would like to customise your mask by adding a stick, we will attach the stick to the left side of the mask (as shown in the picture) which works for right-handed people.

If you would like the stick to be attached to the right side of the mask, please add a comment during checkout.

Gold and silver sticks to add to a venetian masquerade mask

On the product details page click the drop down box and choose whether to attach a gold or a silver stick. See example below.

Adding a stick to a venetian masquerade mask


Masks with light wooden sticks already attached

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